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Pippa's Mini Royal Wedding

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I am posting from my phone, which I have never done before, to start a thread to discuss the wedding. I know lots of you want to get chatting, and although I can't blog about the wedding for another week, I thought we'd open the discussion anyway. 

I did peek at photos yesterday and thought Pippa was an absolutely beautiful bride. She was so radiant and her hair, make-up, dress, and delicate tiara were perfect. I am frankly happy to see she wore a little sparkling head piece. She deserves the accessory!  Kate and the kids were so cute and there was even a moment when the future little king got a scolding from his mom. :).

Ok, I am back to vacation. See you in a few days!

Kate In Christopher Kane at Buckingham Palace Garden Party

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

This morning the Queen kicked off her first garden party of the season at Buckingham Palace. Kate likes to bunch her engagements, so I don't think anyone was surprised to see the lovely duchess behind the the Sovereign on the steps of BP. Prince William, who only attended his first garden party last year, seems to have acquired a taste for it, and was at his wife's side. 

This is the third time Kate has worn the shiny Christopher Kane. All who know me know I am not the first huzzah when this ensemble is trotted out. Let's review the illustrious history of the Shiny CK. Kate debuted this at a reception for the London Olympic in 2012. There were limited photos at that event, so we didn't get a fair view of the coat. It is not at its best in truncated version, and I intensely disliked it at the time. No way to sugar coat it... 

To my surprise, Kate gave it a second wear, and at the prestigious Order of the Garter, no less! Kate wore this in 2014 and paired it with a new hat that I have dubbed "The Oyster" by Lock & Co. The full-length view of this coat vastly improved my overall impression, but I can't say it edged it into the win category. 

I am surprised to see it again today. I just don't think the sheen works. Kate likes materials that are traditionally associated with night, most obviously lace, but also her penchant for chiffon. I am almost always up for lace and I have welcomed the near universal acceptance of lace as a day-time fabric, but to me, this super satiny coat is still just a little too "boudoir-ish" for my taste.

It is better in motion, I give it that:

I think Kate is wearing the silver dress she wore with her Jane Troughton coat in 2009 to the wedding of Nicholas van Custom. I loved that ensemble so much, and because Kate tends to keep her clothes for years and recycles with regularity, I think this is likely the same dress.

The Duchess wore her brand new Kikis a second time today. Kiki McDonough truly produces mouth-wateringly beautiful brilliants.  These eye-popping earrings were just debuted in Luxembourg by the Duchess and match her ensemble today perfectly. I am not in love with the coat, but the accessories are A+.

Kate's clutch is new, too, and I absolutely love it. The pattern looks like a medieval tapestry or the border of an illuminated manuscript! This clutch is unusual for her style as a Duchess, but Kate has shown interest in vintage purses in the past, so perhaps this is an older piece. I will let you know if there is an ID on it. 

This week has been full of Pippa news. One of Kate's own hair stylists, Amanda Tucker, was photographed at Pippa's house along with her signature suitcase full of (presumably) tools and products, and assistants have been seen entering with large dress bags holding Pip's wedding gown. Additionally, the big headlines just today report a massive glass menagerie is being erected in the Middletons' garden. It is going to be a very chic wedding.  Kate told guests that she is nervous about whether George and Charlotte will behave in their respective wedding roles, and excitement is clearly high for Pippa's big day. 

In this video, just at the end, you can hear William telling guests that a trip to Norway is hopefully coming up soon for the Cambridges! 

Kate was again accompanied by Rebecca Deacon, who is apparently continuing to work for Kate through the summer. You can see her pictured below, in a navy ensemble and nude pumps, to our right  of the duchess. 

The verdict is a mixed one. Time has not erased my gut-reaction to this coat, but I think it has softened it. The coat is always better in motion and with some perspective. I loved the new clutch and thought it was unusual, but a fun addition to the ensemble. Because I love everything Kate Middleton, a piece from 2009 puts a smile on my face and makes me nostalgic for the old days of royal watching. I don't think this ensemble was a miss, but today is win because we got to see Kate, not on the merits of the Shiny CK. 

The good news is that we saw Kate today. The bad news is that I am going offline for some days and won't be covering Pippa's wedding on the actual day. Yesterday I finished my last final, today I popped by the Passport Agency office and got my new passport, and tomorrow I fly east...sans laptop. As you may have heard, Homeland Security has been mulling the possibility of banning laptops on flights coming from Europe to the U.S., and I don't want that to happen while I am away. I am going to a wedding on Pippa's wedding day and then I am running all over the countryside for some days after, so there won't be much time for blogging anyway. Wherever I am on Saturday, I'll be trying to catch enough of a signal to get a peek at her dress! Enjoy the excitement of the big day and I look forward to catching up with you all when I am back state-side. A bientôt! 

Preview of Party at the Palace

Saturday, May 13, 2017

When I imagined what Kate would wear to Party at the Palace this morning, I saw her in the creamy Chloe from Canada. When the duchess stepped out on the steps, she was wearing the exact dress. It's not surprising, because this was such an obvious fit, and I likely imagined it because the scenario is very similar--a party, in a garden, with children and young people. 

Even though it was so perfect that I dreamed it beforehand, I was a little bored to see it again so soon.  Obviously it was great to see Kate, and it was also nice to get some shots of her in the dress without any obstruction. As darling as Charlotte was, she did make it hard to get a clear picture of Kate on the last wear. Anyway, this is just the preview I promised as I wait for freedom on Monday, so I will leave it at that. Oh, and am I the only one who thinks that Kate's recent hair-cut needs a tweak or two? All those waves running in competing directions and crazy loops...

I thought this ensemble was picture perfect and Kate looked fab. A little twist would have made it fun, even just a high ponytail that wouldn't make it to prim and proper for the afternoon games, but would give us a little new perspective. Garden parties are where Kate loves to recycle, though, and since pictures are so slow and never in abundance, I guess I am ok with that. (Mr. Security!)

And I love to see the Annoushkas back!

It was a great event that supported military families and their children, which I am always excited to see. I look forward to writing the full post. Thanks for all the supportive comments, by the way. They all put a smile on my face! :) 

Harry's hand written invitation:


Kate's Visit to Luxembourg + Blog Conflicts

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kate was in Luxembourg today for an afternoon of engagements. She debuted a new Emilia Wickstead that is very close in design to the green St. Patrick's Day coat she wore on her very first appearance at that popular event! I love that green coat, so I was thrilled to see the same style today. (It is also almost the same color as the blue maternity dress that Emilia Wickstead made for Kate!) This coat is so flattering on Kate! Sadly, I can't write the post tonight, or tomorrow, or this weekend. I am wrapping up my semester here in a  flurry of finals and I won't be free to pop some bubbly and put my feet up until Monday evening. I will throw a little preview of the garden party up on Sunday, but a full post on that will also be postponed. 

I know these delays are tedious, but summer is so close I can taste it. Send prayers and good wishes my way and I will "see" you soon!