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[Updated] Kate, William, and Harry at the London Marathon

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The big day finally arrived! Today was the London Marathon featuring the Royal Trio's mental health campaign.  William, Harry, and Kate met and mingled with their Heads Together team earlier in the day, posing for pictures, listening to stories and giving last minute hugs of encouragement before the competitors headed to the start line.

The Royal Trio officially began the race by pressing the big red start button in unison, launching 50,000 runners onto the course!

The button doesn't bite! :) I guess they didn't have a practice round pressing the button, but they figured it out. Apply pressure downward. Harry is like, "I'm gonna let you guys work this out--call me when you are ready to push."

The trio watched the race from the halfway point. Runners would slow to greet the smiling royals, but the three would urge them on. Prince Harry especially seemed keen to keep people on their time. :)

Kate learned this two-handed wave from Prince George in Canada and she deployed it full force today. 

The duchess was radiant. Dressed in a Heads Together jacket, dark jeans, and her white Supergas, she looked simple and sharp next to the boys. Kate's hair was immaculately blown out, and she wore her Lauren leaf earrings from Kiki McDonough. Kate is clearly wearing one of her Breton tops under there, which is a perfect choice because the navy and white combo matches her Heads Together gear.

At first I thought she was wearing her Tori Breton top from Ralph Lauren. But, when the sleeves stick out at the cuff you can see it has quite a generous depth of white cuff--more than her Tori has. It also has a tighter knit quality from what I can see. Based upon the stripes along the collar she doesn't have any Breton tops that match the pattern, so I think this is new. While I was on my Easter/HolyWeek hiatus Kate wore a new Breton top by MIH Jeans. This is that top. You miss stuff when you go off the radar for week. 

I chose photos that highlighted what I wanted to show in Kate, but quite a few of the pictures I saw (and didn't pick) had Harry looking a little glum. Obviously a few stills don't necessarily tell an accurate tale, but he did seem a little on the quiet side this morning, occasional bursts of enthusiasm aside. Harry gives the bottle a little squirt to hit William right in the face.  

I love the obvious warmth between Harry and Kate. They have clearly got along for many years, but we have seen them working and interacting together publicly a lot more in the past three years or so. Good to see them so close. I am so interested to watch the dynamic if Meghan joins the family.

The Duke and Duchess and Harry have reportedly been absolutely amazed by the response they have received from this initiative and have decided to extend the campaign. What that will look like practically speaking is not as clear, but obviously they feel they have built great momentum and really collectively hit their stride on a project they can develop further. 

I am not exactly sure what is happening here. It sure looks like William is trying to give Kate a quick kiss, but maybe he was just trying to whisper and the camera caught him at just the right second... Maybe.

At one point, a runner ran by and threw water at William. He took it well, but Kate looks a little non-plussed. I don't blame her. First, she isn't dressed to get wet. Look at that glossy perfect hair and make-up. She is the Duchess of Cambridge dressed to be photographed for worldwide consumption. Even more concerning is the security risk this poses. No one should be throwing liquids at the royals, and I am sure Mr. Security & Co. are reviewing this and trying to come up with ways to minimize something like this in the future.

Obviously today was a pretty straight forward in the fashion department and an easy win. It was really fun to see William, Harry, and Kate pull off such a successful endeavor and garner the kudos from media and royal watchers alike. They've had some bumpy press over the past five years, and I for one and happy to see them applauded for the work they do.

This shot really summed up the day, supportive hands and heads together. 

William & Kate's Full Radio Interview

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Saturday! Yesterday's post got a little messy, almost live blog fashion, as I added clip after clip from the Cambridges' interview on BBC Radio 1. This morning when Cara W (thank you!) sent me the full YouTube video of the couple's time on air, I thought a fresh post was in order.

I know Kate's ensemble has caught some attention. She wore dress slacks for the first time in her royal career, I believe, and the fans are going wild with joy. She also wore this new Temperley top which has left me straddling the fence. I like it, but I also find it...unusual.

BBC Radio 1
The couple posed for some promo shots that are really cute, but the lighting threw the ruffles of Kate's top into sharp contrast with the rest of the top that appears a little more transparent. I don't know if this was a deliberately edgy look to match the hip/cool vibe of the radio, or if the shirt looked   different in the studio than it did when Kate tried it on at home.

BBC Radio 1
It is certainly a classic Temperley--busy, boho, and a little edgy. I would never pick this top, but I kind of liked it on Kate. Bikini vibe and all. 

BBC Radio 1
Don't miss the part of the interview when William references how he has been in trouble recently for his dancing, and Kate's hearty laugh in reply. He really is a very witty guy and they seem like a fun couple. I also enjoyed how their whole "we are normal and love to watch telly and eat take-out" kind of fell apart as William was like, "ok, we don't order it directly to the Palace..." and then clarified further, "we pick it up." And then just a little more, "and we aren't the ones who pick it up..." They are normal, but they are still royal. ;) 

BBC Radio 1
Tomorrow, the trio will be at the London Marathon and I will be here with a quick post to let you know how it goes. 

[Update] The Royal Trio Release Video Discussing Mental Health + BBC 1 Radio

Friday, April 21, 2017

Kensington Palace has been releasing a slew of new videos this week for the Heads Together campaign.  This morning, they released the longest yet, a 6min+ that focuses on William, Harry and Kate discussing the reasons that led them to shine the spotlight on mental health and launch Heads Together.

Kate briefly highlights "the first few days" with little George and the struggle the couple had in adjusting.  She says, "Do you remember up in Anglesey, so we'd had our couple of weeks of family support and then you were keen to get back to your work, and I was 'yeah, I'll come with you!' so we scooted off back to Anglesey."  In the video Kate says Anglesey, and it might be confusing, but she is talking about the time the couple spent in Bucklebury with the Middletons. You will recall that when George was born the Cambridges went straight to Middleton Manor where they remained for several weeks. The pictures released from those first few days were taken by Michael Middleton in the Middletons' garden:

Micahel Middleton

As Kate says in the video, when it came time for William to get back to work, she went with him back to their Anglesey cottage, and there ensued, according to Kate, and to reports at the time, a challenging learning curve for the new couple. It didn't take them too long to enlist the help of Jessie Webb, but I am sure these two were still on night duty with George, who was reportedly a fussy baby. In August of that year they said goodbye to their island home at the Ring O Fire Marathon launch, but it sounds like that last summer has a special place in their hearts both from joy and from hard won survival. ;) 

Also this morning, the Duke and Duchess made a surprise appearance at the BBC 1 Radio studio. Here is a short clip of their surprise entrance!

To the excitement of many, many fans, Kate wore her first pair of dress slacks!! 


This is another Heads Together promotion, and they were on hand to "surprise" DJ Adele Roberts who is running the London Marathon for their mental health initiative.

The couple were live on the radio according to multiple sources, although I haven't heard that broadcast. Apparently the discussed a range of personal tidbits. The two discussed their love for take-out and tv, something we have definitely heard about over the years. As far back as their time at Anglesey I remember stories of cozy nights in front of Downton, and now the couple enjoy Homeland and Game of Thrones. Kate reminded us all not to text and drive:

After their radio interview, William and Kate stayed on to announce the official chart of top songs, which was recorded and will air later:

Kate's Closet did a quick ID on the Duchess's top. It is Temperley London's Cypre Pointelle Frill Top. 

The Duke and Duchess are pictured here in the studio and you can get a view of the back. 


For a variety of reasons, I never did get back to the blog last night to update the post. I spent my allotted royal watching time on another matter. I might find a moment for a mental health break and update it today, or it might be casualty of circumstances. I am sorry and can only say to you what I am saying to myself at this point...summer is just a few weeks away. :)

Sneak Peek: Kate Wears Armani

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The full blog post won't be live until this evening, but a "Sneak Peek" on today's ensemble was absolutely irresistible. Kate, William, and Harry are at Global Academy in London and Kate chose a bright red Armani suit for the morning engagement:

Kate is carrying her nee Etui clutch and wearing her Empress pendant necklace and matching earrings:

Rebecca Deacon was spotted yesterday and she is again on the job today, wearing a J.Crew skirt!

There are a few aspects of Kate's ensemble that I generally really dislike, but are huge hit here. Can't wait to talk more tonight!