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Kate Wears Philosophy Blazer for Coach Core

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Yesterday, Kate once again made a surprise appearance when she accompanied William and Harry to a Coach Core event. When I saw she was out yesterday morning I thought it might be time to start tracking William's schedule to anticipate these snap show-ups. 


The What, Why, & Where

On Tuesday, Kate accompanied William and Harry to Paddington Station for a Charities Forum event. William and Harry launched Charities Forum before William married Kate and she joined after she hit HRH status. Coach Core, however, is an initiative that William, Kate, and Harry launched together in 2012. I really love this initiative, the social benefits of which are clear and the impact immediate. Coach Core "takes young people aged 16-24, who are not in education or employment, and trains them to be sports coaches and positive role models and mentors in their communities." This project gives direction to young people, immediately stabilizing their lives, and provides them a better chance at success and happiness, and of course, creates an opportunity for them to impact other young people. A very impressive project for the royals to take on. 


The young man on the left in this picture of Kate with Judy Murray told me he got to say hello to Kate and had a nice long chat with William! Congrats Andrew, and best of luck with this awesome program! 

You might remember when the three launched Coach Core at Bacon's College in July of 2012. Kate wore that Hobbs dress that was (justifiably) so popular. It was such a perfect event. William and Kate were flirty and fun, and Kate kicked off her shoes to play some sports. That was when we were still acclimating to this whole royal princess thing and everyone was super excited to see the Duchess go barefoot. I guess I am feeling nostalgic tonight? 

The good news is that although we have all gotten used to the swing of Kate Middleton as Kate Cambridge, she's still flirty and fun with William and we are still seeing sweet moments from these two. [P.S. Who else has the occasional space out moment just like Kate here?]

The Labels

Ok, let's talk the fashion. You might have recognized this coat right off the bat, or maybe you are just learning about it, but it is a piece Kate already has in another color. The Princess has a penchant for stocking up in multiple colors when she finds something that fits her fancy. This slate-blue coat is once such item. 

It is by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and Kate has it in a rich red. She debuted the first blazer on Valentine's Day of this year at RAF Wittering. 

Today, Kate wore Russell & Bromley's Fallon Dry Mid-Zip Chelsea boots and her Lauren leaf earrings from Kiki McDonough

Fashion in Motion

Jane's Thoughts

Ooook. Well, February feels like a lifetime ago, but I remember that I struggled with her initial styling of this coat in red. I went back and checked and my feelings, to paraphrase Mr. Darcy, remain unchanged. In February, I was happy that Kate was trying something new, and gave it a quasi-pass, [it was Valentine's Day, after all] but I didn't love it then and I like it even less now. I think the coat could probably be styled in an acceptable fashion, but it is the faded jeans that are rubbing me the wrong way. 

I don't usually say this, but it is time for Kate to change it up and step it up. These faded jeans are for spring cleaning day, or sandbox time with George and Charlotte, but they aren't for a day in front of the cameras when you are one of the most famous women on planet earth. 

One of the things I think so many of us love about Kate is that she is normal in her fashion. At least, I love that. Don't get me wrong, the style surprises always delight me, and I live for the red carpet events and big official engagements, but you all know how much I love "Casual Kate." I have always followed Kate's casual style, and emulated it in my own wardrobe. But, now it is time for me to return the favor and offer some style advice. 

I lived in suits all summer, and I still spend half the week in one now, so on school days I want comfy, but I am an adult and a professional, and I need to look polished. I have the whole faded jeans dilemma right now myself, and each time I survey my sad collection I realize how overdue I am to pay my dues to Paige. I bought some twill trousers from Banana Republic (this is not an ad) and some soft sweaters from J.Crew. The twill trousers are a step up from jeans, but they still give me the snug fit I like in the hips. And I enjoy paring my favorite scarves with the sweaters to dress it up. Pointed flats add the final balance of casual, but pulled together. 

I think Kate struggles with casual when pregnant. Her first maternity closet was bumpy, no pun intended, and her second was a major improvement, but she is still hit or miss with the sporty events. She clings to her preference for super skinny jeans, but obviously wants some privacy with her bump, so more than once she has worn jeans that aren't super flattering and some bulky top. Don't get me wrong, she has done skinnies really well when pregnant (above in NYC), but why not try something new? She should strike out into fresh territory, as she did with her casual looks in Canada, and try more forgiving silhouettes that will make her comfortable and present a professional appearance. A fitted twill trouser with a more balanced cut for her pregnancy figure would work well, and a cozy sweater would be hip and provide the privacy she clearly craves with her bump. That's my advice! And I take it myself... 

Kate is so radiantly beautiful and she doesn't lack for funds. She should be putting more into her casual wardrobe. 

The Verdict
It's a miss.

Norway/Sweden Tour Announced

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We finally got our announcement this morning about the Cambridges' autumn travel plans, and the news is surprising! Kensington Palace announced that William will travel to Finland alone at the end of November, and that William and Kate together will tour Sweden and Norway in "early 2018." 

Richard Palmer reported that aides have said even if Kate is feeling better (which it looks like she is!), there is no possibility she can travel at that time. Since Kate traveled to New York City at approximately the same point when pregnant with Princess Charlotte,

Kate's Surprise Stop at Paddington Station in Orla Kiely

Monday, October 16, 2017

The best way to start a new week is with a new engagement showcasing Kate! William and Harry were due at Paddington Station this morning for a Paddington-themed Charities Forum event and happily, they didn't come alone.  To the surprise and delight of everyone, the Duchess of Cambridge joined her husband and brother-in-law, and she was absolutely glowing in a pink Orla Kiely dress.

Coffee & Kate: New Tour on the Horizon

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Well, it is Saturday and I have my coffee and am ready to chat about Kate! Snag your a.m. addiction and let's get started.  This morning there are a few fun stories and rumors that are of interest to us all. Yesterday, Emily Andrews shared more details on the rumor that (so long as Kate recovers sufficiently), the couple will undertake a fall tour/trip!

According to Emily, who has a very strong track record reading the royal tea leaves or ferreting out the inside scoop, William and Kate will "visit Norway and Sweden next month after Prince Harry visits Denmark." As I pointed out when Kate's pregnancy was announced, there is plenty of time in November, when Kate will almost surely be well again, for the couple to travel. We saw it when Kate was pregnant with Charlotte and I am very confident we will see them off on a visit again despite this pregnancy. That's the best news! On the other side of the spectrum of life...